Photography and Documentary Tour services

Whether you are a photographer, feature film maker or working on a documentary, Shams Alpine has experience organizing photography and documentary tours. Come and explore the most pictorial places of Pakistan with Shams Alpine.

Pakistan is a popular tourist destination due to its diverse cultures, people and spectacular landscapes and its many ancient historical sites which attract tourists to visit Pakistan each year.

There are a wide variety of Photography  routes in many different landscapes, –  from the sea shore to the deserts, plains, forests and the high mountain regions following the famous Karakoram highway and sites of the ancient Silk Road.. There are a wide variety of options for photographers and documentary makers to choose from and our guides will assist you making your tour a memorable one.

Shams Alpine offers superior and personalized services on our photography and documentary trips please select your destinations and we can work with your time schedule. Our tour destinations are listed later in this site.

Shimshal Village