Mountaineering Course

“Get skills and save your  life”

One of the best and unique services of the “Shams Alpine Mountaineering and Trekking  Company” is our Mountaineering training  program. Our Mountaineers and High Altitude Guides,  Qudrat Ali and Shaheen Baig,  have vast experience in mountaineering and  high altitude climbing on 8,000m peaks in the Karakoram,  Himalaya and Hindukush mountain ranges, and they are happy to share their life time  experiences and achievements  with you through our mountaineering training programs.

Our Mountaineering Program is designed in two phases.

The First phase of our Mountaineering training program is focused on the fundamentals of mountaineering and to familiarize you with the equipment and its safe use.  Mountain snow conditions, mountain route planning, avalanches, crevasses, weather, rope types and uses, knots, boots and crampons, carabiners,  belay devices,  ascenders and rappelling, ice axes, harnesses and climbing packs and much, more.

The Second phase of our Mountaineering training program is focused on climbing. In this section we conduct an expedition to 5,000m- 6,000m peaks where the participants will train in high altitude climbing,  its difficulties,  and how to deal with the problems as they arise. The participants will practically use the skills and techniques that they learnt in the First phase of  their Mountaineering training program.  

The duration of our Ice Climbing and Mountaineering course is 3 to 5 days with comprehensive instruction in all facets of mountaineering, ice, snow and alpine climbing. We start with the basics of ice axe and crampon techniques and glacier travel and move onto more complex alpine climbing techniques. Emphasis is placed on students learning and mastering techniques to become self sufficient in the alpine environment.

A wide range of technical mountain and ice terrain will be covered. Climbing instruction takes place in heavily glaciated areas and student’s individual needs will be assessed and catered for. Whether you are looking to push your comfort zone or need friendly support, our high altitude guides are expert at getting you to achieve to the best of your ability.  We look forward to tailoring your Mountaineering and Climbing program to meet your skill level and training you to achieve greater heights and enjoyment of our high altitude mountain regions. Come and climb with Shams Alpine in the beautiful mountains of Northern Pakistan.

Our Mountaineering guides are fluent speakers of English, Urdu, Wakhi, Japanese and French.

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