ABOUT Shaheen Baig

Chief Executive officer/ (Mountaineer and climbing instructor)

Shaheen Baig

Shaheen Baig is one of Pakistan’s world renowned high altitude mountaineers with successful summits of K-2 (8,611m), Gasherbrum II (8,35m), Mustagh Atta (7,546m) and many other 7000m and 6,000m high peaks.

Shaheen has participated in 21 high altitude climbing expeditions in Pakistan and Nepal since 1995.

Shaheen’s specialty has been winter climbing alpine style. He has led many rescue operations in the high, challenging peaks of Karakorum Range.

 With Qudrat Ali he started the Shimshal Mountaineering School in 2009. He is a member of the Pakistan Alpine Club and has been awarded K2 and Nanga Parbat Golden Jubilee Medal by the Alpine Club of Pakistan for his climbing expertise. He has been nominated for the Pride of Performance Presidential Award in 2005. Shaheen is from Shimshal Valley and has much knowledge and love of his Karakoram homeland to share with you.

Climbing profile:

Winter attempts:

  • joined Polish team,  during the first winter ascent of Broad Peak( 8047m), in 2013
  • Joined Polish team, during the first winter ascent of Gasherbrum-I 8068m), 2012.
  • Attempted Broad Peak (8047m, with the famous Italian climber Simone Moro. The climb is interrupted only two hundred meters from the summit.2007-2008.
  • He attempts the first ever winter ascent of Broad Peak (Karakorum, 8047 meters). As an alpine style with his Friend Simone Moro. Reaching 7200 meters twice, in spite of a storm lasting a month. In 2006-2007.
  • As an instructor to lead Double Header women winter expedition to Mingligh sar 6050m, during the first winter ascent of Mingligh Sar 6050m.

8000m peaks:

  • Served as a mountain guide to lead the Serbian expedition to K2, in 2008.
  • Organized the first ever self Pakistani expedition to K-2 8611m with Qudrat Ali, in 2006.
  • In 2004, successful summated, K-2(8611m) without supplementary Oxygen, with Spanish Expedition.
  • Attempted Broad Peak (8047m), with Germen expedition, in 2002.
  • Attempted Nanga Parbat 8125m, as Deputy Leader with Pak-Japan Joint expedition, in 2002.
  • Successful attempt of Gasherbrum II(8068m), with Japanese team, in 2001.

7000m peaks:

  • Attempted Masherburm, as a climbing leader with Italian Expedition, in 2012.
  • In 2006, as Lesion Officer (LO) with Japanese expedition to Rakaposhi 7788m).
  • Makes the first Ascent of Summri peak7284m with new root, as a mountain guide with Japanese expedition, in 2005.
  • Served as Mountain guide to establish a new rout on west rich of Kunyang Chish at 6950m with Japanese Kunyang Chish Expedition (7852m), in 2003.
  • Attempted Biantha Brakk Peak (7285m) with a Japanese team as a high altitude porter.
  • Attempted Lupgar Sar (7200m), a Korean expedition in 1995.
  • Jur Jur sar (6500m) in 2001, Dir Gul zom Peak (6778m) in 2000, Askoro Peak 6000m, in 1999. Sonia Peak (6080m), in 1998.

Climb in abroad:

  • Served as a climbing leader with Italian Pakistan friendship Expedition Ama Dablam (6856m) , in autumn season 2013.
  • In 1997, summit of Muztagh Ata (7546m) with a Japanese team.

Rescue Operation:

  •  First Pakistani to conduct a rescue operation on Lady Finger in Hunza in 1997 to bring back the body of a Japanese climber.
  • As a member of a Japanese Haj expedition to Passu peak to bring the body of another Japanese climber from camp-II from a height of 5,500m. in September 3, 2003.
  • In 2004 he participated in Magic Line Spanish expedition on K-2 to bring the body of a Spanish climber from a height of 6400m.
  • in 2003, He Led the rescue opotation team to search the missing climbers at 7700m at Broad Peak in winter.
  • He led the search operation Helicopter team in searching the missing climbers of International Expedition at Gasherbrum-I (8068m) in winter 2012.


  • Nominated for Pride of Performance Presidential Award , in 2004.
  • Received shield for scaling K-2 during Mountain Festival in Islamabad in 2005.
  • Received K2 and Nanga Parbat Golden Jubilee shield form Alpine club of Pakistan,
  • and also received Middle from Aga Sport Board, he has been


Professional Membership:

  • Member Alpine Club of Pakistan
  • Member Hiroshima of Alpine Club of Japan