K2 (8611m)


K-2 or Mount Godwin Austin is the second highest mountain peak of world and the highest peak in Pakistan. Its elevation is 8,611 metres. This sky-scraping mountain in the Karakoram Range is referred to as Chogori in local dialect. Chogori is a Balti word, which means ‘King of mountains’. It is situated on the Pak-China border. To scale the mountain one can use the conventional and more trustworthy path that passes through Skardu. Skardu is a small hilly town in the north of Pakistan, which is well linked by road and air link with Islamabad. One can take the Shigar-Dassu- Askole route from Skardu to scale the K-2.




Duration           60-90 days
Zone                Restricted
Season            June- August
Expedition Itinerary
Days Activities                 Stay


01                        Arrival in Islamabad                                                                        Hotel                 
02                        Briefing in Alpine club of pakistan                                                Hotel
03                        Flight to Skardu Or drive to Chilas                                                Hotel
04                        Drive to Skardu                                                                                 Hotel
05                        Jeep drive to Askoli                                                                        Camp
06                        Trek to Julla                                                                                     Camp
07                        Trek to payu                                                                                     Camp
08                        Rest day in Payu                                                                             Camp
09                        Trek to urdokas                                                                               Camp
10                        Trek to Goro 2                                                                                  Camp
11                         Trek to Concordia                                                                           Camp
12                         Trek to K2 BC 500m                                                                      Camp
13-14                    Rest day praper climbing gears                                                 Camp
15-17                    Climb to ABC 5200m                                                                    Camp
18-22                    camp 1 (6000m)                                                                            Camp
23-28                    Camp 2 (6500m)                                                                           Camp
29-35                    Camp 3 (7500m)                                                                           Camp
36-41                     Camp 4 (8200m)                                                                          Camp
42-48                    Summit push (8611m)                                                                 Camp
49-51                     Rest day (closing BC)                                                                  Camp
52                          Trek to Ali Camp                                                                             Camp
53                          Trekk to Gongorola 5600m to Khuspange                               Camp
54                          Trek to Siacho                                                                                Camp

55                           Trek to Hushe and jeep drive to Skardu                                    Hotel

56                            Free day in Skardu                                                                       Hotel

57                            Flight to Islamabad Or drive to Chilas                                      Hotel

58                            Drive to Islamabad                                                                       Hotel

59                            Debriefing in alpine club of pakistan                                        Hotel

60                            Safe hand flight to home

In the early years K-2 witnessed many ascents and today the peak has been climbed from all the sides. But the adventure lovers every now and then try to take a new and diverse route to conqueror the mountain.