Exclusive Winter Trek


Pakistan is rich with cultural diversity and natural beauty. Pakistan is blessed to have four seasons-Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Based on our long experience in the business, Shams Alpine is the first to offers an exclusive winter treks to our valued clients.

A. K2 Bc trek

B. shimshal Braldu via snow lake Askoli Trek

C. Biafo, snow lake,Hisper la Trek


A. K-2 BC Via Gondogorola Trek


Duration           21 days
Zone                Restricted
Season            June- September
Trek Itinerary
Days Activities                 Stay


01                        Arrival in Islamabad                                                                       Hotel                 
02                        Briefing in Alpine club of pakistan                                               Hotel
03                        Flight to Skardu Or drive to Chilas                                               Hotel
04                        Drive to Skardu                                                                                Hotel
05                        Jeep drive to Askoli                                                                        Camp
06                        Trek to Julla                                                                                     Camp
07                        Trek to payu                                                                                     Camp
08                        Rest day in Payu                                                                              Camp
09                        Trek to urdokas                                                                                Camp
10                         Trek to Goro 2                                                                                  Camp
11                          Trek to Concordia                                                                          Camp
12                         Trek to K2 BC 500m                                                                       Camp
13                         Trek to Concordia                                                                           Camp
14                         Trek to Goro 1                                                                                  Camp

15                         Trek to Urdokas                                                                               Camp

16                         Trek to Payu                                                                                      Camp

17                         Trek to korafung                                                                               Camp

18                         Trek to Askoli and jeep drive to Skardu                                        Hotel

19                         Flight to Islamabad Or drive to Chilas                                           Hotel

20                         Drive to Islamabad /Debriefing in Alpine club                              Hotel

21                         Safe hand flight to home

B. Shimshal Braldu via snow lake Askoli Trek

Duration          29 days
Zone                Open
Season            December- feberuery
Trek Itinerary
Days Activities                


01                        Arrival to Islamabad                                                                        Hotel                
02                        Flight to Gilgit OR Drive to Chilas                                                 Hotel
03                        Drive to Hunza (7-8 hrs)                                                                 Hotel
04                        Drive to shimshal ( 5-6 hrs)                                                           Hotel
05                        Rest day (organize porters)                                                            Hotel
06                       Trek to pasthfurzin (6-7 hrs)                                                           Camp
07                       Trek to Arbabpurin (5-6 hrs)                                                            Camp
08                       Trek to Shuwarth pamir 4745m                                                      Camp
09                        Climb mangligh high camp                                                            Camp
10                         Mangligh summit 6050m day                                                        Camp
11                         Trek to Chikor (4 hrs)                                                                       Camp
12                         Trek to Wasam dur (5 hrs)                                                              Camp
13                         Trek to Ghazi Camp (5-6 hrs )                                                        Camp
13                         Trek to Baqi Camp (4-5 hrs)                                                           Camp
14                         Trek to wali camp (5-6 hrs)                                                              Camp
15                         Trek to Aziz camp (5-6 hrs)                                                               Camp
16                         Trek to Lukpe la pass 5500m                                                          Camp
17                         Trek to Sim gang glacier (6-7 hrs)                                                  Camp
18                         Trek to Simla pass 5300m back simgang                                    Camp
19                         Trek to Snow lake/Hisper BC                                                            Camp
20                         Trek to Hisper la 5300m to Khanabasa                                          Camp
21                         Trek to yutmaru                                                                                     Camp
22                         Trek to Pamiri chesh                                                                            Camp
23                         Trek to Betanmal                                                                                   Camp
24                         Trek to Hisper village                                                                           Camp
25                         Drive to karimabad                                                                                 Hotel
26                         free day in karimabad                                                                            Hotel
27                         Drive to Besham                                                                                     Hotel
28                         Drive to Islamabad                                                                                  Hotel
29                         Safe hand flight to home

C. Biafo ,snow lake ,Hisper laTrek

Duration          20 days
Zone                Open
Season            June- September
Trek Itinerar
Days Activities                



01                         Arrival in Islamabad                                                                     Hotel                
02                         Flight to skardu Or drive to Chilas                                             Hotel
03                         Drive to skardu                                                                              Hotel
04                         Jeep drive to Askoli                                                                     Camp
05                         Trek to Namla                                                                              Camp
06                         Trek to Mango                                                                              Camp
07                         Trek to Bianta                                                                               Camp
08                         Trek to Marfogoro                                                                        Camp
09                         Trek to Snow lake/ Hisper la BC                                              Camp
10                          Crose Hisper la 5300m to Khanabasa                                 Camp
11                          Trek to yutmaru                                                                          Camp
12                          Trek to Pamiri chesh                                                                Camp
13                          Trek to Betanmal                                                                       Camp
14                          Trek to Hisper village                                                               Camp
15                          Jeep drive to karimabad                                                           Hotel
16                          Free day in Karimabad                                                             Hotel
17                          Drive to Besham                                                                        Hotel
18                          Drive to Islamabad                                                                    Hotel
19                          Safe hand flight to home