Hunza Trek


The Valley of Hunza is a gigantic mountainous valley in Gilgit division. It is located at the north of the Hunza River, at an elevation of around 2,500 metres (8,200 feet). The area of Hunza is about 7,900 square kilometres (3,100 sq mi). Karimabad (formerly named Baltit) is the core town, which is also a very famous among tourists.

Hunza Nagar one of striking and attractive place in region. It offers historical view of Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, Ganish fort and skyscraper peaks. It is roofed by high peaks namely Rakaposhi (7,788 m), Ladyfinger (6,000 m) and Darmyani Peak (6,090 m) and Lady Finger. In Hunza four major languages are spoken, Shina in Lower Hunza, Burushaski in Central Hunza , Wakhi in Upper Hunza and Burushaski in Nagar.

Nager Valley is very well-known for hunting animals such as Marco Polo sheep, brown bears, snow tigers etc. Gulmet, Faker and Bar are the famous tourist attraction places in Nagar. Golden peak Rakahposhi is located in the Nagar Valley.

A. Ulter BC Trek

B. Hunza Rashphari Trek

C. Diran BC Trek

D. Patundas Via Batura Trek

A. Ulter BC Trek

Duration           14 days
Zone                Open
Season            June- September

Trek Itinerary
Days Activities                 Stay

01                        Arrival in Islamabad                                                                         Hotel           
02                        Flight to Gilgit Or drive to Chilas (12 hrs)                                     Hotel
03                        Drive to Hunza Karimabad (6-7 hrs)                                             Hotel
04                        Full day hike on the water channle                                                Hotel
05                        Full day hike to Duiker                                                                      Hotel
06                        Trek to Ulter BC                                                                                 Camp
07                        Trek back Karimabad                                                                        Hotel
08                        Drive to Gulmit and Hike ghulkin via borith lake                           Hotel
09                        Drive to Hoper and hike Bualter glacier                                         Hotel
10                        Drive to Ghulmit trek to Rakaposhi BC                                           Hotel
11                        Drive to Gilgit                                                                                        Hotel
12                         Flight to Islamabad Or Drive to Besham                                        Hotel
13                         Drive to Islamabad                                                                             Hotel
14                         Safe hand flight to home

B-Hunza Rashphari trek

Duration           14 days
Zone                Open
Season            June- September

Trek Itinerary
Days Activities                


01                             Arrival in Islamabad                                                                    Hotel           
02                             Flight to Gilgit Or Drive to Chilas                                              Hotel
03                             Drive to Hunza Karimabad                                                        Hotel
04                             jeep drive to Hoper and trek to Barpu giem                          Camp                  
05                             Trek to Chidin hara                                                                    Camp
06                             Trek to Rash Phari                                                                     Camp
07                             Excursion rash peak                                                                  Camp
08                            Trek to Chidin Hara                                                                      Camp
09                            Trek to Huro, jeep drive to karimabad                                      Hotel
10                             free day in Karimabad (sight seen)                                         Hotel
11                             Drive to Gilgit                                                                                Hotel
12                             Flight to islamabad Or Drive to Besham                                 Hotel
13                             Drive to Islamabad                                                                      Hotel
14                             Safe hand flight to home

C- Diran BC trek

Duration           13 days
Zone                Open
Season            June- September

Trek Itinerary
Days Activities                


 01                      Arrival in Islamabad                                                                         Hotel      
02                       Flight to Gilgit Or drive to Chilas                                                    Hotel
03                      Drive to Minapin                                                                                 Hotel
04                      Trek to Hapakun                                                                               Camp
05                      Trek to Tagaphari                                                                             Camp
06                      Trek to Diran BC                                                                               Camp
07                      free day                                                                                               Camp
08                      Trek to Minapin and drive to karimabad hunza                            Hotel
09                      Free day In Karimabad                                                                     Hotel
10                      Drive to Gilgit                                                                                      Hotel
11                      Flight to Islamabad Or drive to Besham                                       Hotel
12                      Drive to Islamabad                                                                            Hotel
13                      Safe hand flight to home

D- Pantundas via Batura trek

Duration           16 days
Zone                Open
Season            June- September

trek itinerary 

Days Activities                


01                        Arrival in islamabad                                                                        Hotel         
02                        Flight to Gilgit Or Drive to Chilas                                                   Hotel
03                        Drive to Hunza karimabad                                                              Hotel
04                        Drive to Borith lake and trek to passugar                                   Camp
05                        Trek to Lazhdur                                                                                Camp
06                        Trek to patundas                                                                              Camp
07                        Trek to Kukhil batura glacier                                                          Camp
08                        Trek to guchasam                                                                            Camp
09                        Trek to Yashpirth                                                                               Camp
10                         Free day                                                                                             Camp
11                         Trek to Samar House                                                                      Camp
12                         Trek to passu KKH drive to Hunza                                                 Hotel
13                         Drive to Gilgit                                                                                      Hotel
14                         Flight to islamabad Or drive to Besham                                       Hotel
15                         Drive to Islamabad                                                                            Hotel

16                         Safe hand flight to home